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This is a list with the most frequently asked questions, if you feel like something is missing please contact us with your question and we'll post the answer as soon as possible.

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Q. What is IDRA Admin GUI?
A. IDRA is a frontend for various termnal apps commonly shipped with linux distributions, it checks configuration files, daemons, mounted filesystem, kernel modules, and so on... IDRA is useful to display, in human-readable format, the information about such system.

Q. What is the program language that's been used to create IDRA?
A. IDRA is written in BASIC and completely developed with GAMBAS.
You can find gambas at

Q. Why GAMBAS and BASIC instead of another IDE and/or language?
A. There are several reasons, but basically it's because IDRA catches the output of many terminal apps: it's almost pointless to use complex languages to do the job behind the scenes... Basic is enough and it's very easy to modify, in this way you can add or create some feature tailored to your system.

Q. Why would I want to use IDRA instead of other software, for example Webmin?
A. Why not ! :)
Just consider that there are some differences between IDRA and other administration tools:
  • IDRA is an application based on a graphical user interface, so it must run upon X, this means that unless you use a VNC or a X forward you can't use IDRA remotely.
    Webmin, for example, is a web-based apps so it runs from everywere

  • IDRA is in an early stage of development, other apps are more mature.

  • It requires GAMBAS to be installed

  • Q. Ok, I want to use IDRA, tell me which linux distributions it can run on...
    A. IDRA should work with every distro, but the software hasn't been widely tested yet (*help would be really appreciated*).
    At the moment we can confirm that it works on the distros we are using, like Suse 9 (or newer), RedHat, Fedora and Ubuntu 5.04. Functionality under Mandrake,Debian and others needs more testing. Again, if you feel like helping, just mail us! (Nobody tested it on BSD yet...)

    Q. Are PPC or SPARC architectures supported?
    A. IDRA should run with any sytem that can run Gambas. So if Gambas runs well on your system IDRA should run too. Please keep in mind that we only tested it on i386. If you use other platforms (Sparc, PPC, x64) tell us how it goes!

    Q. Why do I read that it is deeply tested on SuSE and not on other distros?
    A. The answer is very simple.. the first internal version of IDRA was made with GAMBAS on SuSE and all the newer versions were tested on a SuSE box.

    Q. I found a BUG, what i should do?
    A. If you found a bug go to and report it on the SF project homepage!

    Q. I want some cool additional feature, is there a way to request it?
    A. Sure, just go to the SF project homepage and post your request in the public forum! If it's cool the IDRA team will work on it :)

    Q. Ok, I like IDRA how much it cost?
    A. Nothing, niets, nada, niente: IDRA is FREE software, released under the GPL licence so use it, and enjoy hacking around it!

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